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The Scoop on Crate Training Dogs

Have you ever read about crate training dogs? It sounds like an inhumane act to dogs that don’t do as they’re told. Surprisingly, it’s actually the contrary. Crate training is a good method of training based on the dogs’ natural need for security. Continue reading

Electric Dog Fence – An Intense Dog Behaviour Modifier

One of the latest stories from Yahoo was about fixes on dog behavior Problems. There wasn't any specific mention about the electric dog fence for jumping dog on fence. Nevertheless read the essay carefully. Continue reading

Discover the Symptoms and Causes of UTI in Dogs

Sometimes people think that UTI only occurs to human beings-this is not the case. Urinary tract infection is a condition that strikes the animal kingdom more often than it does in people. While it is not a rare and dangerous ailment, it is an ailment nonetheless and learning about it will help us in keeping our beloved pets safe from it. Continue reading

The Basic Facts on Dog UTI

What is dog urinary tract infection? This seems to be a common enough condition our canine friends become afflicted with. It is part of being a responsible dog owner to know the nature, symptoms and preventative measures of dog UTI so we are able to avoid having our pets suffer unnecessarily from it. Continue reading

How to Correct the Barking of Small Dogs

Big and tiny dogs behave the same way. If big dogs may cause Problems due to barking that can't be controlled, little dogs can also do this. So when this misbehaviour happens, you will definitely need the bark collar for small dogs to stop puppy barking. The collar can be effective but it has to be accompanied by a training programme that can correct the issue. This training will take time and needs proper implementation. It requires the determination of the owner also. Besides , it can be enjoyable. Continue reading

Homemade Dog Treats Your Dog Won’t Be Able to Get Enough Of

Learn some of these fantastic homemade dog treats to have your pet fetch you your slippers every time you get home. Alright so maybe that’s an exaggeration; but these tips on how to make dog treats will surely make you a hit to any beloved canine. The best part about it is they are pretty easy to make too. Continue reading

Recipes for Dog Treats

If you found your way to this article I would guess that you have a pet. I would venture to add that you are a very good pet owner because you are searching for ways on how to improve your pet’s over-all quality of life. If this is you, congratulations-there should be more like you around. And to answer your query, an excellent way to have a healthy and happy pet is through delicious homemade dog treats. Continue reading

What Makes The Best Homemade Dog Biscuits?

Some things in life are just priceless. You could say kicking off your high heels at the end of the day is one. Another could be a drink of that ice cold beer after a long day at work. One thing that I personally love is the cheerful bark of my faithful dog greeting me the moment I come home. If you have a great pet; or even a problematic one you want to get through to-you can be sure homemade dog biscuits will help you reach your goal. Continue reading

Give Dog Aspirin?

Our dogs are our best friends. The love is mutual and we want the best for them at all times. Unfortunately though, not everything is perfect in their world from time to time. Canines are susceptible to pain and diseases that we need to know about to be able to give them the right medication. The wrong treatment can complicate their health and in some cases, can even be fatal. Continue reading

Seizure Alert Dogs Give Early Warning Signals To Sufferers

There have been new developments in service animals made over the last two years. Seizure alert dogs have been shown to have the ability to provide their owners with warnings of seizures before they actually happen. Many times, this allows the sufferer to take medication to block the episode, move to a safe place or call for help. Continue reading

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